Discover a unique paradise for divers & families to celebrate life on land and under the sea!

A truly new and amazing way to enjoy 10.000 m2 of underwater paradise

Ecosystem regeneration & protection using state of the art techniques in underwater gardening

Beautiful and fascinating landscapes for all diving levels

Exciting caves and tunnels designed to provide unforgettable but safe diving experiences

A powerful tourism destination providing the opportunity to experience creative architecture

Unique night diving in an exciting underwater world

Eco-living accomodations respecting the environment and offering maximum beauty and comfort

An elegant beach club offering fun and relaxation

Wellness activities & yoga to relax body and mind


About Underwater Gardens

” A paradise for divers & families to celebrate life on land and under the sea! “

Underwater Gardens
Underwater Gardens International has developed a new business model that simultaneously creates natural, cultural and economic wealth: the Underwater Gardens parks.

An Underwater Gardens Park (UGP) creates a link between two worlds: a set of
large underwater reefs conceived as symbiotic and experiential architecture and a set of land facilities geared towards family entertainment.

A UGP offers activities designed for all ages, abilities and interests, with the objective of raising awareness and spreading knowledge about the health of the ocean.

Under the water,
the Underwater Garden is an original subaquatic landscape, designed according to advanced biomimetic and ecological principles, which offers a wide array of options depending on the level of the explorers: sheer walls, exciting caves and tunnels, labyrinths and night dives in a setting of reactive lights, the only one of its kind in the world.
On land,
the Garden Gate is made up of the Dive Center, the Aquademy and the Bio Lab.
The Dive Center is designed to offer maximum comfort and state of the art equipment, the Aquademy is an experience center designed to promote hands on learning, and the Bio Lab features a bed of algae and coral dedicated to the maintenance of the Underwater Garden and is a facility for scientific research.
The Garden Gate welcomes divers but also their companions, offering attractive, complementary activities designed with a Gaming approach: to have fun and learn by playing.
We are gardeners of the seabed,
by entering and using this landscapes, visitors will become underwater gardeners, engaging in the creation of a new ecosystem, taking care of coral, algae and other marine life through games and educational experiences.



A new breed of sustainable tourism offering a cutting edge concept to the world

“Underwater Gardens are born to change a paradigm, demonstrating that nature conservation, human leisure and economic profit are fully compatible.”

Underwater Gardens is a brand of theme parks for the blue planet, offering a safe yet exciting diving environment for all types of divers as well as non-diving families and friends.
We are gardeners of the seabed, creating inspiring underwater landscapes that offer a new generation of dive experiences, architecturally designed to deliver an exceptional space for diving, appropriate for all levels and ages.

60,000 m2 of under water paradise

“Architecturally designed by creative eco-sensitive divers
to provide an unforgettable diving experience.”

Underwater Gardens is a new generation of diving experiences, architecturally
designed to offer dives in exceptional landscapes and unique environments.
Diving in fascinating and evolving landscapes which offer a myriad of routes that will thrill divers of all types. With a variety of safe dives for beginners, plus sheer walls, exciting caves and tunnels, and magical night dives that will challenge even the most experienced diver.

An innovative & powerful coastal tourist attraction

“Unique eco-sensitive tourism destination for
divers and their families.”

On land, in the welcoming relaxed club atmosphere, non-divers (and divers) can unwind by the pool or on the beach, snorkel, paddleboard, enjoy interactive viewing of the underwater world, challenging their knowledge of the ocean at the Experience Centre, or swim from floating observation decks, in addition to many other possibilities.
Unique night diving in an Underwater Garden in the world
Diving in an Underwater Garden that unites architecture and nature
Safe cave diving
Diving for all levels in custom-made landscapes
Ecosystem regeneration
Family fun
Edutainment & Research

What makes Underwater Gardens different ?

“The virtuous circle of the 4E´s.”

Underwater Gardens responds to the evolution of new tourism 2.0
trends with four levers that make UG a distinctive and unique model.
Our project offers the coastal tourism areas an integrated value
proposition with a unique focus, creating a virtuous circle around:
Ecology, Economy, Education & Entertainment.
The virtuous circle of the 4E's. @Underwater Gardens @Mar García-Durán, architect

A novel Blue Growth business option

“Underwater Gardens will represent an innovation in this sector.”

Both our strategic horizon and the development of the economic and social models considered in Underwater Gardens’ business solution are based on the rules established by the Blue economy and the European Union Blue Growth strategy and policies.
Underwater Gardens will represent an innovation in this sector in terms of economic, social and ecological sustainability, based on the regeneration and protection of marine ecosystems, the stimulation of sustainable economic growth and job creation.

A pioneering model contributing to sustainable economic development

“An Underwater Garden is a hub, a gathering that enhances marine knowledge through an innovative, sustainable use of the seabed.”

Combining the protection and regeneration of a marine ecosystem
with sustainable and eco-sensitive economic development.
With a pioneering proposal, an Underwater Garden park contributes to educational, cultural and leisure goals by creating a hub that gathers and transmits knowledge a new, sustainable use for seabeds.

Responsible tourism

“Underwater Gardens, a new breed of tourism”

Responsible tourism ·····················>

A tourism model that enhances locals’ quality of life.

Underwater Gardens is a tourism opportunity for people who wish to enjoy environments ruled by ecological, sustainable and responsible values.
UG offers unforgettable diving experiences for individuals, couples, families and groups, whether they are non-divers, inexperienced divers, or advanced divers, thereby enabling greater awareness of the wonders of diving.

Tuning in to new trends & opportunities

Promoting respect for natural heritage

and local culture.

Generating positive socio-economic revenues

for local communities.

Creating opportunities to conserve biological diversity

and to create positive impacts on site.

Providing exciting experiences

linked to nature discovery.

Diving tourism ·····················>

Divers and snorkelers, the main target audience of Underwater Gardens, will be attracted by the uniqueness of the experience of Underwater Gardens.

Diving tourism is a niche of the tourism industry, attracting millions of divers each year to many of the world’s leading dive destinations and divers are a consumer group with high growth perspectives.
Diving is an activity which induces its participants to travel to the best dive sites and this public is always looking for attractive new destinations.

Tuning in to new trends & opportunities

A target audience of Underwater Gardens are divers and snorkelers.

The annual growth rate of certified divers worldwide is 5%.

A significant percentage of divers makes an annual trip and looks for new destinations.

In the last decade the number of divers has increased in the most advanced countries.

The UG technology

“Underwater Gardens novel tech solutions”

Unique software-aided design protocols

The most advanced technological solution for underwater landscape design using a biomimetic approach.

Underwater Gardens’ software-aided design protocol is the result of several years of R&D work on an exhaustive analytical process, concept drawing and technological development and it was built by a multi-disciplinary team of specialists and experts.
Customized design for each local area

Our specific site analysis includes geographical, biological, climatological, economic and infrastructural big data and generates a database to be processed through our unique software-aided design protocol.

By doing so, Underwater Gardens’ software allows the creation of a unique modular design for each geometric piece of the structure, customizing each park and ensuring adaptability to the needs and characteristics of each territory and client.

The sea, our inspiration

“All that lives was created by the sea”

What inspires us?

Nature, and especially the seabed and marine ecosystems, are the sources of our inspiration.

At Underwater Gardens, we are highly conscious that seabeds around the world are rapidly deteriorating.
The current exploitation of seabeds – including coral reefs – is causing the loss of one of the richest natural biological environments on earth, creating enormous marine deserts in places where fauna and flora were formerly abundant.

Today 60% of the world’s 

major marine ecosystems that underpin habitats have been degraded or are being used unsustainably. Less than 4% of the ocean is protected in some way.

Among seabeds, coral reefs are crucial biodiversity hotspots

Some tropical coral reefs can host up to 1.000 species per m2. Current exploitation of coral reefs is causing the loss of some of the richest natural biological ecosystems on Earth, creating large marine deserts where flora and fauna were formerly abundant.

24% of the world’s coral reefs

are under imminent risk of collapse because of human pressure. A further 26% are under a longer-term collapse threat.


Why is Underwater Gardens necessary?

Today the planet faces a global biodiversity crisis and we have an urgent need for sustainable regeneration solutions for coastal areas.

Healthy marine ecosystems are more productive and they are crucial to maintaining sustainable economies based on the ocean.
Underwater Gardens are necessary as vehicles to support a change of paradigm, demonstrating that nature conservation, human leisure and economic profit are fully compatible.

UG works by:

Raising awareness about the need to move towards sustainable societies that care for biodiversity.
Being an integrating actor that creates beautiful and harmonic spaces where people and nature can live in balance through a biomimetic approach.
Creating local socio-economic benefits.
Regenerating certain marine flora and fauna populations.
Supporting  the management of marine protected areas nearby.


Underwater Gardens' positive impacts & benefits

Ecological & environmental.

Conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity by creating protected sites to regenerate marine life and research recovering species.
Infrastructural support for local sustainable fisheries.
Additional benefits for environmental water quality come from certain species acting as pollution filters.
Support to marine protected areas through management in appropriate zones, acting as physical barriers, alternative diving sites, complementary habitats for specific species, etc.
Potential role in coastal defence and support to local climate change adaptation.

Economic & business.

Economic benefits, such as the creation of direct and indirect jobs, or the stimulation of other business activities along with the increase of tourism flow will be brought to the community at both local and regional levels.
One Garden can attract around 80.000 divers per year, guaranteeing sustainable demand on direct and supporting services in the region and consequently contributing to regional economic growth.
Fisheries can be directly enhanced by the biomass increase of commercial species.

Education, culture & knowledge.

Underwater Gardens’ Experience Centers gather and distribute knowledge about natural, technological, cultural and traditional assets, with special emphasis on young people. It provides an experiential environment for schools and universities to spread knowledge about the ocean.
Environmental activities, universities and research centers will be given access to a monitored marine ecosystem at the UG Research Center that will make a significant contribution to the field of marine science, expanding knowledge by providing constant data collection.
Experts from universities and research centres will be involved in the monitoring of the ecological processes taking place in the new artificial reefs. They will provide advice for best practice and create a body of knowledge to be shared for the evolution and establishment of new marine habitats.


We love diving

“Dive into the incredible silent world of the ocean, and you’ll hear a thunderous voice within”

“Divers love the sea, sharing values of respect for nature and a taste for culture.”

They are always ready to travel to the best diving spots in the world.

Underwater Gardens is a space filled with serenity and brightness,
weightlessness and freedom of movement, a place to explore new
architectural forms and reveal our most adventurous spirit,
enjoy sensations offered by the beauty of fauna and flora
and, finally, be reborn on the way back to the surface.

Eduard Admetlla @Underwater Gardens @Mar García-Durán, architect
“Diving allows us to discover a part of the planet hidden until
not long ago; a new world where a man can fly and swim like a fish”
Eduard Admetlla: diving pioneer, explorer and writer.

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“Hold your breath and discover 10,000 m2 of underwater paradise”